Long-term approach is the key to better asset management

Pensions, insurance, health funds, sovereign wealth fund, and other funds are some of the common assets that need proper management to yield the desired results. At Monticello Associates, the professional fund managers use long-term investments and proper portfolio management to manage your funds.

It is worth noting here that a few investors are not using a long-term approach in the public market. The investors have failed to connect with the corporate sector to take make their assets yield a better return on a long-term course. Different companies like Monticello Associates are using the long-term approach and developing relationships with their client. These companies do not use the traditional marketing approach nor take any project with a short-term approach, as they believe that it will cut the satisfaction of its client.

Some companies’ uses short-term investment approach to connecting directly with benchmark index that can be the MSCI World Index or other. In such companies, the investment consultants select an asset manager from outside and the main function of the manager is to focus on short-term returns. In such companies, the role of owners is very little. This isn’t the case with Monticello Associates.

Companies that use long-term investment approach ensure that the portfolio is invested keeping in view the risk and time sphere. The startup capitals are converted to illiquid investment or real estate, building or infrastructure.

The companies that use short-term approach focus on setting the price in public market. They take short or slight notice of stock values, which lead to improper sphere behavior, instability, and lower pricing. At Monticello Associates, the corporate body and the management take decision for long-term investments.

The short-term approach is used to determine the ability of a company to invest and grow the neglected opportunities and their consequences like reduction in GDP growth, unemployment and return on investment. Four approaches are used to reverse these trends and focus on the long term and capital.

Companies like Monticello have more than 50 percent of assets from the foundation and 33 percent from a family client. It is important to select the right client carefully who can share the firm’s goals, investment policies, and long term sphere to maximize the success.

The leaders and managers at Monticello Associates suggest that to remain in the niche market and investment consulting area, it is important for companies to highly focus on the long-term approach and effective means to achieve its goals and client and company objective. This article discusses why long-term investment is fruitful.


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