Office interior design trends for 2017

The New Year has started and here are few office designs trends for offices in 2017. It is believed that these designs will help to keep the employees engaged and active during work. These designs take inspiration from the workplace interiors at Monticello Associates.

Hide the wires

In an office, the regularly needed equipment include laptops, printers, paperwork, and many personal items. These equipment on the desk can make your room messy and unorganized. Laptop and other electronic devices require many wires to work and having all these devices make the desk appear cluttered. A new study suggests that you hide the wires of computers and chargers. You can use different DIY ideas to arrange the wire in place, and it will help in clean and boost up work power. A distinguishing feature of the interior design at Monticello Associates is lesser visibility of wires.

Introduce outdoor freshness to the indoor atmosphere

Who doesn’t want to feel fresh in nature? Bringing nature in an office is another trend in 2017. There are different ways to add a natural view to your office. A disciplined wood panel, showing the concrete floor, floral pattern and artwork fabric have the potential to add a natural looks to offices. At Monticello Associates, they have placed mini flower pots to create a fresh and natural atmosphere inside the workplace. Employees love to work in such environments.

Create versatile spaces

With the start of 2017, benches and the use of non-assigned seating methods have taken over the cubical system in an office. The managerial suite is not using this method though but it is trending among the employees. In this method, specific space and equipment are used for various purposes. Standing meeting and working table are trending this year. Oval shaped tables are also trendy as they are more suitable for group and teamwork.

Dedicated waiting areas

Nowadays, workplaces have become more comfortable with the improvement in technology like powerful and energy saving lights and wireless technology. Relaxing lounge areas are now imperative both for employees, customers, and visitors, which make them feel more relaxed and comfortable. This is a powerful element used to keep workers and visitors afresh at Monticello Associates.

Use colors to arrange stuff

You might have noticed it colorful walls in offices are trendy these days. Adding color to the workplace makes it more comfortable and attractive, which gives an air of freshness and makes the workers happy. It is believed that color helps in boosting creativity and productivity. These days, offices are mixing different colors in different ways like providing colorful furniture and other accessories. At Monticello Associates, different colors are used everywhere, including furniture and walls.

This article discusses a number of office interior design trends that are set to change the atmosphere in which you work. These trends, which are in their infancy at the moment, are gradually going mainstream. Most of these trends have already been adopted by Monticello Associates.




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